“Bahati asipochunga atakuliwa bibi"- KRG refuses to keep distance from Bahati's wife Diana Marua. -

“Bahati asipochunga atakuliwa bibi”- KRG refuses to keep distance from Bahati’s wife Diana Marua.

Sometime in July this year, KRG the Don’t was seen kissing the hand of Diana Marua at a party.

The two could be seen dancing closely and cuddling in a very suggestive way.

However, Bahati downplayed the incident but on 15th September, 2023, he revisited the issue cautioning KRG against getting too close to people’s wives.

Bahati said that one ought to respect personal spaces when interacting with someone else’s wife.

“Someone tell KRG that’s where to place your hands while taking photos with someone’s girlfriend or wife,” he said.

However, KRG dismissed Bahati saying that he has to hold his sister by shoulder.

KRG has denied claims that he was flirting with Diana Maria.

Some people believe that KRG closed the line by getting too close to Diana while others believe he was just simply trying to be friendly.