“I Would Charge 3K-4K To Have rough TWATWA! With Men In Gulf” Kenyan Man On How Poverty Led Him To Gaysm

A young man originating from Nairobi, Kenya, has revealed the challenging path he traversed, marked by regrettable decisions, all in a bid to escape the clutches of poverty and secure his livelihood. Collins recounted how circumstances led him to adopt a gay lifestyle and engage in sex work, spanning both South Africa and Saudi Arabia, as he grappled with the harsh reality of survival. In detailing his tale of adversity, Collins sheds light on the desperate choices he felt compelled to make along this tumultuous journey.

Coming from modest beginnings, Collins sought a better life in South Africa, envisioning it as his gateway to improved circumstances. However, the harsh reality of financial struggles quickly set in, prompting him to integrate into the local gay community and partake in sexual activities to secure financial support.

Initially, Collins found this adjustment to his new lifestyle agonizing, as it clashed with his personal beliefs and principles. Nevertheless, financial dependence on a white benefactor who provided accommodation and necessities compelled him to persevere. Additionally burdened with financial responsibilities, such as supporting his uncle in Kenya, Collins found himself with limited funds for personal use.

After a year in South Africa, Collins ventured to Saudi Arabia in pursuit of better prospects. However, his struggle for survival persisted, leading him to resort to engaging in sex work to augment his income. Earnings varied, with some clients paying in cash ranging from KSh 2,000 to KSh 4,000, while others compensated him with gifts.

Reflecting on his choices, Collins acknowledges the influence of poverty and greed in steering his decisions. His desire to combat poverty in Kenya propelled him to continue his gay lifestyle in the Gulf, even though it wasn’t his preference. Faced with dire circumstances, he felt he had no alternative.

Collins also highlighted periodic mistreatment during his Gulf employment. However, he acknowledged that his experiences paled in comparison to the exploitation and abuse endured by women seeking work in the region.

Collins’ narrative unveils the difficult choices individuals make when confronted with poverty and limited opportunities. His story underscores the vulnerabilities often faced by those seeking a better life abroad, emphasizing the need for societal change and support systems that safeguard individuals, regardless of their sexual orientation or economic status. What are your thoughts on this perspective?