“Siwezi Tembea na Maskini Wanateseka Kenya, Mtaniambukiza Umaskini, I’m A Billionaire” – Krg the Don says

One of Kenya’s most renowned dancehall artists, Krg the Don, recently made a public revelation about his substantial wealth. This singer, who stands among the wealthiest and most controversial artists in Kenya, confidently stated that financial concerns are a distant concept for him.

He openly admitted his penchant for associating with high-profile individuals and enjoys the company of affluent tycoons, as he believes they share a common status. According to Krg the Don, he has no inclination to socialize with those living in poverty or with less privileged backgrounds, as he fears their financial struggles might affect his own wealth. Hence, his social circle consists predominantly of tycoons.

In his own words, he declared, “Mimi ni billionaire na niko na pesa nyingi. Marafiki wangu wengi ni wadosi, siwezi kuhang out na maskini. Maskini wanateseka, wataniambukiza umaskini, kwa hivyo kila mtu ahang out na watu wa daraja lake.”

Many people are left pondering the source of Krg’s immense wealth. Contrary to common belief, he doesn’t rely on his music for financial sustenance. Instead, music serves as a leisurely pursuit for him. Krg the Don is an extravagant entrepreneur with diverse business interests, including ownership of milling industries, a car dealership, and a multi-million-dollar club situated along Ngong Road, known as Casavera.

Furthermore, the singer disclosed that he incurs a staggering daily expenditure of Ksh. 150,000 for his personal use. On a monthly basis, his personal spending reaches a jaw-dropping Ksh. 4 to 5 million.