Esther Musila Hits Out At A Fan For Attacking Her With A Question Regarding Their 30yr Age Difference With Her Husband 

Guardian Angel’s wife, Esther Musila, recently found herself facing criticism from a fan who attacked her over the age difference between herself and her husband. The incident took place during a Q&A session on Musila’s Instagram stories when an unidentified fan asked her how she feels about sleeping with her son, referring to the significant age gap between her and her husband.

Musila didn’t take the question lightly and swiftly responded to the fan by questioning whether they were present when she gave birth to her son. Her sharp response effectively shut down the inappropriate remark.

During the same Q&A session, another fan asked Musila if she had ever faced hate due to her personal progress in life. Musila acknowledged that she had encountered such situations before, but clarified that the hate was not directed towards her career. Instead, she revealed that she had been attacked because of her relationship, expressing her confusion as to how her personal life affected others.

Musila rose to prominence and became the subject of internet fame due to her relationship with Kenyan gospel musician Guardian Angel. Their romance sparked controversy and criticism, largely centered around their significant age difference.

It’s worth noting that Musila has an impressive professional background, having held esteemed positions in prestigious companies both locally and internationally. She has successfully managed water and sanitation projects in Lagos and Nepal as a program manager and has also served as a global civil servant for the UN for eighteen years.

Despite mostly maintaining a low profile, Musila garnered considerable media attention when she entered a relationship with Guardian Angel, who is much younger than her. Musila, who has three young adult children aged 30, 27, and 23, has consistently emphasized her happiness and contentment in her relationship.

Apart from her professional achievements and personal life, Musila also enjoys staying active through exercise, which contributes to her youthful appearance. Additionally, she has a passion for music and produces content, running a YouTube channel where she shares her music and music videos.

Musila is a successful and accomplished woman who has excelled in her field, and her relationship with Guardian Angel is not driven by selfish motives, as the musician himself has clarified. She values her privacy and prefers not to flaunt her personal life.