Ringtone Apoko: Andrew Kibe Hataenda Mbinguni. -

Ringtone Apoko: Andrew Kibe Hataenda Mbinguni.

During a recent live interview on TV 47 with Dr Ofweneke, Ringtone Apoko, a prominent figure in Kenya’s gospel music industry, took the opportunity to criticize USA-based Kenyan content creator Andrew Kibe.

Ringtone, who is known for his controversial statements, expressed his disapproval of Kibe’s content and his tendency to speak ill of celebrities and married individuals. He began by criticizing Bahati and DK Kwenye Beat’s new song, “Fanya Mamboo,” calling it trash and claiming that the dancers in the video were not gospel dancers, but rather Willy Paul’s dancers.

Ringtone went on to state that Bahati is a disgrace to the gospel music industry and should remain in secular music instead of confusing God’s children, who look up to him as a role model.

When it came to Andrew Kibe, Ringtone took a particularly harsh stance, saying that people like him have already secured a one-way ticket to hell. He claimed that Kibe would never be allowed into heaven, and he was certain that hell would be Kibe’s new home after death.

Ringtone also included Bahati in this category. However, he made it clear that he himself was assured of a place in heaven, and that he was God’s soldier and commander-in-chief in this world. He stated that everything he does is guided by God.