Khaligraph Jones Anaosha Diamond Kwa Mziki: Cassypool

Tanzanian musicians are renowned for their unique bongo-style singing. However, prominent artists such as Diamond, Zuchu, and Harmonize have recently faced a setback with their international gigs being canceled. This can be attributed to their perceived difficulty in communicating in English.

A recent interview with Cassypool sheds light on why Kenyan rapper Khaligraph Jones is considered a greater artist than Diamond and other Bongo musicians, despite Diamond’s impressive record of selling the most pay-per-views among East African artists and having the highest number of YouTube views.

According to Cassypool, if Diamond and Khaligraph Jones were to perform in English-speaking countries like the United States, Diamond would struggle to attract fans and sell tickets. In contrast, Khaligraph Jones’ music has a broader influence and appeal, particularly in the United States.

Cassypool claims that most of Diamond’s songs have an impact primarily in East Africa, where his fans are concentrated. On the other hand, Khaligraph Jones’ music has a more global appeal, with his song “Yego” having more impact in the United States than Diamond’s “Yatapita.”

Cassypool even goes as far as saying that Khaligraph Jones could be mistaken for a Black American, given his impressive physique, and that he can move audiences to tears when he performs. In contrast, Diamond’s music may not resonate with non-East African audiences.

Furthermore, Cassypool contends that Kenyan artists are generally superior to Tanzanian artists, citing other notable performers like Wyre and Dufla Diligon.