”I will cry” Nadia mukami shares her worst fears, as she celebrates motherhood. -

”I will cry” Nadia mukami shares her worst fears, as she celebrates motherhood.

Kenyan artist Nadia Mukami has openly expressed her apprehension about her only son, Haseeb Kai, growing up so quickly. The 26-year-old musician took to her social media platforms to share photos of her rapidly maturing one-and-a-half-year-old son. In her caption, she remarked on how her little boy seemed to be growing bigger with each passing day.

Nadia confessed that she was becoming anxious about the inevitable changes that come with her son’s growth. She humorously speculated that soon enough, Haseeb Kai might insist on her knocking on his door before entering his room or even ask her to refrain from showering him with unnecessary kisses, deeming it embarrassing. She wrote, “I am afraid that he is growing up, and soon he will say, ‘Mom, please knock,’ or even say, ‘Mom, stop chum (kiss), you are embarrassing me.'” Nadia Mukami shared that the thought of receiving such requests from her son had the potential to stir strong emotions, possibly even bringing her to tears.

Additionally, Nadia hinted at the deep and affectionate bond she shares with her son, emphasizing her overwhelming love for him. She humbly acknowledged that her prior judgments about “Mama’s Boy” situations had evolved as she gained a deeper understanding of the parent-child relationship. She shared, “I am overwhelmed with love!! If I ever judged Mama’s Boy, please forgive me! Now I know better!!”

In March of the previous year, Nadia Mukami and her boyfriend, Arrow Bwoy, joyfully welcomed their son, Haseeb Kai, into the world. Arrow Bwoy made the announcement through his Instagram page, declaring, “24.03.2022, we have received the best gift, Haseeb Kai. Welcome to our world.” The couple’s journey to parenthood had its challenges, as they had experienced a heartbreaking miscarriage before the birth of their son.

Nadia Mukami revealed this painful loss through her YouTube Channel, confirming that she had suffered a miscarriage on April 12, 2021. She shared the profound emotional impact of the incident, describing it as the most difficult period of her life. The experience left her feeling deeply depressed and traumatized, leading her to seek professional psychological counseling for support. Nadia admitted, “It was the hardest time I ever went through. That was the time I wished I wasn’t an artist. In the hospital, I was weak, and when I came out, I was still traumatized. I went through trauma until I went for counseling. I was going to get counseling, and people didn’t know; that was when I was setting up my office. I was advised a lot, and it later helped very much.”

Throughout that challenging period, Nadia Mukami had concealed her true feelings from the public, often putting on a facade of being fine. Fortunately, she and Arrow Bwoy were blessed with another pregnancy approximately two months after the devastating miscarriage.