Tragedy in Murang’a as woman hacks her two children to death over high cost of living

On December 23, 2023, a woman in Murang’a County allegedly attacked her two sons with a machete, citing overwhelming financial strain as a contributing factor. The victims, aged two and five, were left in critical condition, and the mother vanished following the incident.

Despite President William Ruto’s call for patriotic resilience and caution against reckless complaints, the woman’s neighbors revealed that she had been grappling with stress. However, the severity of the situation leading to the tragic assault was unexpected.

Upon police arrival at the woman’s residence, they directed that the critically injured children be immediately taken to Kenol Hospital and later transferred to Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) for urgent medical attention.

Despite reports from neighbors suggesting that the mother might have jumped into a water well on their property, the criminal investigation officers (DCI) sealed it off, deeming it too dangerous to enter. Mr. David Njau from the family stated that the authorities planned to return after the holiday season to assess if she had surfaced.

The Deputy Commissioner of South Murang’a, Mr. Gitonga Murungi, confirmed that the DCI is actively investigating the incident. He expressed deep sadness over the situation, describing the mother as the main suspect who succumbed to internal struggles, leading her to harm her children and subsequently disappear.

Mr. Murungi mentioned that the children are in critical condition, and their future remains uncertain. Special MP Sabina Chege condemned the prevailing violence in Murang’a County, urging for its immediate cessation.

Neighbors recounted that suspicions about the mother’s whereabouts arose around 5 o’clock. Upon checking her home, the two boys were discovered inside with head injuries, and a machete lay beside them. Panic ensued, prompting a search for the mother, eventually leading to the suspicion that she might have jumped into a nearby well.

Ms. Nancy Wangu, a neighbor, revealed that local authorities, including the chief and Nyumba Kumi elders, were summoned to the scene. After the police were called in, a collective decision was made to seal off the well without confirming the mother’s presence inside.