Meet Citizen TV anchor Wycliffe Orandi, who seduced HR a few months after being hired. -

Meet Citizen TV anchor Wycliffe Orandi, who seduced HR a few months after being hired.

Wycliff Orandi, an anchor at Citizen TV, recently shared the story of how he met his wife, Sheila Achieng, during an exclusive interview with Citizen Digital. This revelation surprised many as he disclosed that their love story began at their workplace.

During the interview, Orandi mentioned that Sheila was employed as a Human Resources (HR) professional at the time they crossed paths, ultimately leading to the development of their romantic relationship. Orandi, known for his candid nature, emphasized that he has never been hesitant to engage with HR professionals, who are sometimes viewed with apprehension by employees due to their pivotal role in managing hiring and firing processes.

“We crossed paths here at work, and she was working in HR. We got to know each other… I don’t see why people fear HR; I don’t believe in that. If you are a good person and people appreciate you, there’s no reason to be apprehensive about HR,” Orandi stated.

Furthermore, Orandi firmly believes that dating a colleague is acceptable, as long as it does not adversely impact one’s professional performance. He shared his perspective on workplace relationships, saying, “I don’t see anything wrong with colleagues dating as long as it doesn’t affect their work. Everyone should maintain professionalism during work hours and then connect outside of the workplace. If both individuals are mature, they can sit down and have a conversation.”

Orandi’s story is not unique within Royal Media Services (RMS). In fact, the company has seen other workplace romances flourish. Notably, journalists Rashid Abdallah and Lulu Hassan, a well-known couple, both work at the same station within RMS, where they jointly host Kiswahili programs on Citizen TV, a twist of fate that brought them together professionally and romantically.