Pauline Njoroge on losing unborn twins: “I broke down a million times but kept a strong face”

Pauline Njoroge, a Corporate Communications Specialist, recently shared with the public her heart-wrenching experience of losing her unborn children. On Mother’s Day, Pauline stunned Kenyans on social media by revealing that she had been pregnant with twins before suffering a miscarriage. Although Pauline did not provide details regarding the timeline, she did mention that she had carried the twins for a few months. In her post, she expressed how joyful the experience had been and how it had brought her immense happiness.

However, the loss of her unborn children caused unimaginable pain that took months to heal. Pauline acknowledged that, as a leader, she felt compelled to maintain a strong public persona despite the emotional turmoil she was experiencing. She stated that “watching as they disappeared in a pool of blood caused me unexplainable pain. For several months I was an emotional mess and nothing could comfort me. I broke down a million times and tears became my daily food. Out here I kept a strong face because sometimes as women and leaders, we do not have the luxury of breaking down in public no matter what is happening internally.”

In her post, Pauline expressed gratitude for the strong support system she had and encouraged other mothers to cherish the gift of life. She emphasized that carrying life and bringing it into the world was a blessing that should never be taken for granted.

Overall, Pauline’s candid post serves as a reminder of the pain that miscarriage can cause and the strength required to navigate such a difficult experience.