Handsome Boy : Vera Sidika is My Real Mother, “Ameniacha Natesekea kwa slums”

Meet Handsome Boy, a self-proclaimed individual from Kibera who humorously asserts his relationship with the renowned Vera Sidika. Once featured on the Churchill Show and formerly close friends with Stivo Simple Boy, Handsome Boy, now a married family man, currently resides in the slums of Kibera.

The reason behind Handsome Boy’s assertion that Vera Sidika is his biological mother stems from his belief in a shared lineage and ancestral ties. In an interview with Trudy Kitui, Handsome Boy, originally from Busia, the neighboring county to Vera’s matrimonial home, expressed confidence in their blood connection and insisted that Vera Sidika is, without a doubt, his mother—a sentiment he has vocalized for an extended period.

To substantiate his claim, Handsome Boy declared his readiness for a DNA test, citing compelling evidence that supports his belief in the shared bloodline with Vera Sidika. In his words, “Damu yangu na ya Vera Sidika zinavutana. Vera Sidika Shikwekwe anatoka Bungoma. Niko na hakika ni mama yangu, na niko tayari kwa DNA. Ameniacha tu natesekea huku kwa slums.”

Despite his comedic endeavors, Handsome Boy’s life takes a somber turn as he navigates the challenges of residing in a dilapidated house in Kibera Slums, paying a mere Ksh. 1500 in monthly rent. Evidently struggling, he pleads for Vera Sidika’s attention and assistance, claiming that she has neglected him and shown no concern for his well-being.

In addition to the strained relationship with Vera, Handsome Boy reveals a severed connection with Stivo Simple Boy, who has distanced himself and exhibited no inclination to offer assistance. As Handsome Boy grapples with the hardships of life, he seeks a lifeline from the woman he believes to be his mother, Vera Sidika, in the hopes of a transformative change.