Family gives boyfriend a deadline to present all the items in the bride price list else they’ll take their daughter from him

An unusual bride price list has taken over social media trends and has caused a stir. In African society, it is customary for the man to present a list of carefully chosen items to the family of the bride before he is given permission to wed his lover. Initially, the items on the bride’s price list were not excessively expensive, and most families did not view it as selling their child to the groom.

However, in recent times, some families see the bride price list as a cash cow and have gone to extreme measures, including setting deadlines for payment. Some families charge as high as over 100,000 cedis for the bride price alone. The list includes over 50 items, including a V8 car and a pharmacy. The estimated cost of the items is over Ghc 100,000.

Many social media users have advised the groom to cancel the wedding to avoid willingly walking into a lion’s den. The bride’s family has been labeled gold diggers, and the bride price list is seen as a reflection of their true colors.

The tradition of a bride price is a long-standing practice in African culture and is a symbol of the groom’s commitment to the bride’s family. However, the exorbitant prices being charged by some families have been criticized for treating women as objects to be bought and sold and perpetuating gender inequality, contributing to poverty.

Although some have called for the abolition of the bride price, it remains an integral part of African culture. However, it is necessary to find a balance between tradition and modernity. Families must ensure that they do not exploit the tradition for financial gain and that the items on the list are not excessively expensive or unreasonable. Couples must also respect the tradition and the values it represents, and find a way to navigate the delicate balance between honoring their culture and creating a future that is fair and equitable for both parties.

In conclusion, the unusual bride price list taking over social media is a reflection of changing times, and it is necessary to find a balance between tradition and modernity. Families should respect the tradition and not exploit it for financial gain, while couples must honor their culture while creating a fair and equitable future for both parties.