“I make more money, but I still submit to my husband” – Abel Mutua’s wife Judy Nyawira reveals

Judy Nyawira, the wife of Abel Mutua, has been making waves on social media due to her candid explanation of why she chooses to be submissive to her husband. In a recently circulated video, from an interview with Youtuber Lynn Ngugi, Judy revealed that she has always respected Abel’s role as the leader in their home.

Even during seasons when she earned more than him, Judy never felt superior, firmly believing that Abel remains the head of the household. Interestingly, financial matters have never been a source of conflict for the couple, as they both share a collaborative approach to managing their finances.

Judy emphasized that her support for her husband is crucial, and she takes on her roles as a wife and a woman with wisdom and dedication. According to her, this support empowers Abel to excel in life. She also dispelled the notion of competition between genders, stating that it is not about proving superiority but rather complementing each other’s strengths.

Her stance has garnered widespread admiration on Twitter, with many Kenyans praising her for being a highly supportive and helpful wife. Users like Alex expressed Judy Nyawira’s exemplary behavior as a rarity in today’s world.