Edday Nderitu reveals Revenge on Samidoh for taking Karen Nyamu to their Matrimonial home

Eddy Nderitu, estranged wife of Mugithi singer Samidoh, has unveiled a plan to retaliate against her husband for bringing his baby mama, Karen Nyamu, to their marital home over the Christmas season.

City politician Karen Nyamu recently stirred a mix of reactions when she shared videos of her enjoying quality time at Samidoh’s Nyandarua residence. In the footage, Karen brought her two children to celebrate Christmas alongside some of Samidoh’s family members at his hometown.

Capturing the festive atmosphere, Karen Nyamu, in high spirits, documented picturesque scenes of their enjoyment, including indulging in roasted meat. The video also featured Samidoh tending to his poultry. Karen cheekily captioned the video, “Vile watoto wana enjoy ushago itabidi we extend Merry Christmas!!” (The way the children are enjoying rural life, we will have to extend Christmas).

On Boxing Day, Karen shared another video showcasing outdoor activities, this time at a swimming pool in Nyahururu. The videos swiftly garnered significant attention on social media, triggering discussions among Kenyans. Many criticized Samidoh for choosing to bring Karen Nyamu to Eddy Nderitu’s matrimonial home.

Some online comments suggested that, according to Kikuyu customs, a man should build separate houses for his wives in polygamous relationships. Ochieng Odinga remarked, “In the Kikuyu community, a man should build houses for his wives; that’s how sacred polygamy is.”

Kelvin Munene expressed, “This is a big win for the boychild. But you should build for her if you haven’t divorced Eddy yet.”

Ruth Anderson believed Samidoh was within his rights to bring whoever he wished to his house, as long as he had not married Eddy Nderitu through a church or traditional wedding.

Martha Daniel recalled a time when Eddy vowed not to reconcile with Samidoh, asserting that Samidoh was justified in moving on. In response to the social media uproar, Eddy Nderitu contended that Samidoh had disrespected her children. She swore never to allow Samidoh to see them again.

“The good thing is that those kids he has disrespected, he will be seeing them on social media just like a stranger,” she remarked. Currently, Eddy Nderitu is in the US with her three children.