Kabi WaJesus wants another child in 2023

Kabi WaJesus is a successful musician and artist from Kenya. He and his wife, Milly Chebby, have been married for ten years and have two children together. Recently, Kabi has expressed a desire to have another child in 2023.

There are a few reasons why Kabi may want another child. Firstly, Kabi and Milly have a close-knit family and enjoy spending time together as a family. Adding another child to the mix would give them even more opportunities to bond and create new memories.

Another reason Kabi may want another child is that he is an only child and never experienced the joy of having siblings. He may want his children to have the same experience of growing up with siblings and the close bond that comes with it.

Additionally, Kabi and Milly are both successful in their respective careers and may feel that they are financially stable enough to support another child. They may also feel that they have the time and energy to devote to another child, as they are both in their mid-30s and have established their careers.

However, there are also some potential challenges to consider. One concern may be the age gap between the new child and Kabi and Milly’s current children. A larger age gap could create difficulties in terms of bonding and communication.

Another concern may be the physical and emotional demands of caring for a newborn. Kabi and Milly are both busy professionals and may have to juggle the demands of their careers with the needs of a newborn.

Ultimately, the decision to have another child is a personal one and should be carefully considered by both Kabi and Milly. While there are many potential benefits to having another child, it is important to also weigh the potential challenges and determine if they are willing and able to take on the responsibilities of raising another child.