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OH MY!! Citizen TV’s Lilian Muli is a Drunkard and a Party Animal

Nairobifire lilian muli photos
Lilian muli

Lillian Muli’s love-life has always been a subject of discussion
with word going around that she has divorced her husband, Kanene.

The two separated due to infidelity issues and sources indicate that the s3xy screen-siren has even moved away from her husband’s house.

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She is now a party animal and is regularly spotted at Brew Bistro club located along Ngong Road

in the company of different men.

But she is at most times spotted with Shabana FC Chairman, Jared Nevaton, who is the cause of her marital problems.
Jameson is her favorite drink and after taking too many, she hits the dance-floor and unleashes crazy dance-moves.

   Jesoo..                                   .

             Check it out lilian muli                                  New catch

Her close friends are now worried that her thriving career may be going to the dogs thanks to her crazy party life and alcohol addiction.
Sources at Citizen TV indicate that she once went to work smelling slight booze from a distance and threw some tantrums at one boss. But she is a treasure to SK Macharia’s station and that’s why they can’t fire her easily.
we hope she doesn’t one day get wasted.
here are some of her pics in party mood…
Nairobifire lilian muli photos
Lilian muli enjoying life

Nairobifire lilian muli photos
Lilian muli with konshens

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