Hyenas Kill A Drunk Man in Kiambu, Eats His Whole Body; Dry Bones Lying Uncollected.

A middle aged man is said to have been attacked to death by a pack of hyenas on Monday night.

According to reports, the 38-year-old man is said to have been drunk when the blood thirsty animals attacked him and feasted on his fresh leaving behind dry bones.

“The hyenas would not have attacked the man were it not for the alcohol he had consumed. We have been protesting against the menace to no avail. It’s sad that the government seems not to listen to our cries,” said a local.

The villagers said that the hyenas and other wild animals have been hiding in thickets around the area waiting for their prey.They also added that their attempts to capture the wild animals bore no fruits.

“We have buried several persons who were attacked by wild animals most of who are men. We are now worried whether or not our children will be going to school with this trend,” said Jonathan Kamau, a local.

They also blamed the Kenya Wildlife Service for not acting accordingly in capturing leopards and hyenas that have been a causing havoc in the area and attacking their livestock.