China Square Owner: Profile & Career of Lei Cheng -

China Square Owner: Profile & Career of Lei Cheng

China Square, a shopping center situated in UniCity, has caused a significant shift in the trade industry towards Chinese-based trade just two months after its opening. Lei Cheng, the proprietor of China Square, claimed that he earned over Ksh20 million in the first two weeks of business since opening on January 29, 2023. Cheng revealed that his daily sales have more than doubled since January 2023, indicating that he sells goods worth Ksh10 million on a low business day.

Cheng attributed his success to three key factors: genius market pricing, chance social media marketing, and referral clients. He noted that he capitalized on the opportunity where the Kenyan market was saturated with overpriced goods. In response to Trade Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria’s intentions to lock out Chinese traders, Cheng affirmed that his business is legal and centered on healthy competition. He cooperated with all government directives for opening a business in Kenya and is here to break the monopoly.

Cheng graduated in International Trade from a South African University and birthed the idea of China Square after a visit to China in September 2022. He returned to his home country and roped in some Chinese suppliers before establishing China Square in Kenya in January 2023. Despite creating employment opportunities for over 130 people, Cheng announced a temporary closure on Sunday, February 26, to re-evaluate their business model.