“POOR LECTURES WITH SH!TY CARS!” MKU University Student Onyango Tate Suspended For Telling His Lectures The Truth

The Disciplinary Committee at Mount Kenya University took action against a student named Onyango Tate in response to allegations of incitement. These allegations stemmed from a video he shared on social media. As a result of this incident, Onyango Tate faced suspension from the university for a single semester, covering the period from September to December 2023.

The widely circulated video featured Onyango Tate showcasing examination papers to a group of fellow students, while engaging them in a discussion about how they believed they could attain financial success by providing definitions for terms found in those exams. Furthermore, he used the outdated, worn-out vehicles belonging to their professors as a visual representation of financial struggle and destitution. It struck Onyango as particularly puzzling that the educators, who were expected to serve as role models, drove such deteriorated cars.

Consequently, Onyango Tate found himself suspended from the university due to the content of the video he had posted, which revolved around the concept of breaking free from the established norms and conventions.