I caught my wife having sex with the neighbour’s house help

You may think that just because you have no house girl your husband will never cheat on you. I thought so too until I caught my husband and the neighbour’s house girl having sex on my couch.

It all started when my husband started being very cold and mean towards me. Our sex life was also greatly affected as he would come home and go straight to bed without even asking how my day was. I tried asking him if I had done anything wrong to him and he said that he just did not love me anymore. Black Couple Portrait Showing A Black Man And Woman Background, Black  Romantic Couple Picture, Romantic, Couple Background Image And Wallpaper  for Free Download

“You are not attractive to me and I do not love you anymore,” he said when I asked him what was wrong. I did not know what to do about it and I called my mother and told her that my marriage was on the rocks.

My mother told me to investigate him since when men turned rude it was because they were seeing someone else. Indeed, after going through his phone, I found out that he was receiving some nude photos from a certain woman who had covered her face.

I called my mother again and told her that it was true my husband was seeing another woman. She asked me to visit Doctor Mugwenu who would help me catch my husband right in the act. I called the doctor and after he heard my story, he asked me to see him the following day. I met him and he cast a spell that would glue my husband to any woman he slept with from that moment.

The next day, while I was still at the office, I was given a call by neighbours who asked me to quickly get home since there was some situation going on. On reaching home, I found that my husband was stuck to my neighbour’s house help and they were screaming in so much pain.

They were also very humiliated since all our neighbours saw them cheating. Doctor Mugwenu later unstuck them and we all gave them a beating for being so disrespectful to me. I forgave my husband and the girl was fired from her job. Love Island: Watching a Black couple win the reality show in a year of  anti-racist protests.

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