Monkey meat now a delicacy in Embu, a kilo sold for Ksh.80

The residents of Runyenjes in Embu County have expressed their concerns after some of them fell victim to a deception involving the purchase of monkey meat.

Initial investigations revealed that a group of young individuals captured a monkey, slaughtered it, and skillfully divided it into tantalizing slices. They proudly displayed the finished product, attracting a large number of eager customers.

Some residents voiced their grievances against these boys for misleading the locals into unknowingly buying game meat. “We will pray for those boys. Their actions were unjust. Many individuals purchased the meat, believing it to be beef,” expressed an infuriated resident.

On the other hand, some individuals found humor in the situation and regarded the boys as enterprising individuals who, like a double-edged sword, accomplished two objectives simultaneously. “I don’t perceive any malicious intent there. The boys satisfied their curiosity, harvested the animal, and earned a few coins from it,” commented one resident.

Moreover, the residents emphasized the need for the government to address the ongoing issue of human-wildlife conflict in the area. They urged the government to construct a fence that would effectively prevent animals from encroaching upon their farms.