Karangu Muraya: Painful truth Why I Was Born By The Roadside

Karangu Muraya is a well-known gospel music minister in Kenya, particularly in Central, who has gained significant popularity. He recently appeared on the Kiengei Live show on Kameme Tv, hosted by Muthee Kiengei Wa Watoria. In addition to his musical career, Karangu is known for organizing online fundraisers to assist those in need.

During his interview, Karangu shared personal information about himself, such as where he comes from and that he was born by the roadside. He revealed that the reason he Was Born By The Roadside was because the owner of a car in their village refused to allow his mother to use it, leaving her with no other option but deliver him by the road.

Karangu also emphasized the importance of kindness and how the same individual who refused his mother a ride has since been a passenger in his car multiple times. He is a positive influence in the community, using social media to make a positive impact. We wish Karangu Muraya continued blessings in his endeavors.