Size 8: I have been washing my husband’s boxers for the last 10 years

Pastor Linet Munyali, more commonly recognized as Size 8, recently ignited a discussion by disclosing her practice of washing her husband’s (DJ Mo) boxers since their marriage.

This revelation has elicited a variety of responses from online users, with some questioning why DJ Mo doesn’t attend to his own undergarments.

In a segment aired on TV 47, Size 8 clarified that her act of laundering her husband’s boxers isn’t necessarily indicative of her being a submissive wife. Instead, she explained that it symbolizes his role in their household.

In response, DJ Mo expressed his surprise at the notion that others find it odd for his wife to wash his boxers, humorously questioning whether theirs remain unwashed.

Here are some reactions from netizens:

  • ndongarick humorously suggested that allowing one’s partner to clean their boxers reflects a level of disorganization.
  • i_am_marieantoinette queried the necessity of washing boxers manually when washing machines are available.
  • steffiestephie pondered how a grown individual could bathe but leave their boxers dirty.
  • k.i.s.h.. shared their amusement, questioning why others are surprised while minding their own affairs.
  • kanzi_virtue_warrior emphasized the importance of doing what works for each couple, dismissing unnecessary societal pressures.
  • teshmango highlighted the privacy of certain household matters, suggesting that not all aspects of one’s relationship need public disclosure.
  • emilyckirui joked about the absence of washing machines for those who express surprise.

The discussion prompted the question: Do or would ladies wash their man’s boxers?