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19 year old Pregnant first-year university student hangs herself in Kericho

Tragically, the family of a first-year student residing in Kericho County is grappling with the unexpected loss of their loved one, who took her own life. The deceased, identified as Faith Charity Makhulu, reportedly hanged herself within the confines of their family residence in the Site and Service estate, employing a manila rope.

Faith, aged 19, was in the final stages of pregnancy at the time of her passing. It is reported that she carried out this act during the night while her family members were asleep. Her lifeless body was discovered by her mother the following morning, suspended from the rooftop, prompting immediate distress within the household.

Efforts by concerned neighbors to save the university student were unfortunately in vain, as she had already succumbed to her fate. The authorities from Kericho Police Station were swiftly notified and proceeded to transfer the deceased to the mortuary at Kericho Referral Hospital.

The presence of a suicide note further adds to the heartbreaking nature of this incident, suggesting that Faith took her own life following a breakup with her boyfriend.