Boisterous lecturer found naked with a female student.

Last Friday was a night full of drama after a Luo lecture now at 54 was caught pants down chewing a 1st year in a hostel at main Campus.

Wife had already fired a warning shot at him never to cheat with young women but he went ahead and committed the crime. Kenyan university lecturer became drug trafficker - Orato

This angered the wife who then sought the help of Doctor Mugwenu, a traditional herbalist, who could stick cheating couples together so as to teach them a lesson.

The wife ordered a sticking charm so that her husband could get stuck to any lady he was going to sleep with in campus. So that particular day, the man went to the ladies’ hostel in the middle of the night to have sex in exchange of a good course grade. As soon as the two started having hot sex, the lecturer got stuck inside the student and they began screaming due to pain in they were experiencing.

All students rushed to the student’s house to check what was going on. They found the lecturer and the student stuck at their privates and some of them started recording footages and posting it online. In a matter of minutes, the incident went viral and people began calling the lecturer’s wife and told her of what had happened to her husband. She quickly called the doctor and asked him to accompany her to the hostel where her hubby was. Profesora universitaria keniana se convierte en narcotraficante - Orato

They both went and Doctor Mugwenu unstuck them. Husband went on his knees and begged his wife to forgive him. He also asked forgiveness from the female students for blackmailing them. The wife was glad that her hubby had gotten a dose of his medicine.

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