Who is Denis Schweizer Alias Omosh? Akothee's Husband -

Who is Denis Schweizer Alias Omosh? Akothee’s Husband

On April 10, 2023, Kenyan musician Esther Akoth, better known as Akothee, made headlines for her marriage to Denis Schweizer, also known as Omosh. The wedding was held at the Windsor Golf Hotel in Nairobi, and its extravagant nature and handling were the talk of the town. Notable attendees included Gender Cabinet Secretary Aisha Jumwa, Kisumu First Lady Madam Dorothy Nyong’o, Migori First Lady Agnes Ayacko, former Mombasa gubernatorial candidate Suleiman Shahbal, and High Court advocate Professor PLO Lumumba.

Despite the attention garnered by the wedding, little is known about Omosh himself, as he has almost no online presence. Social media users have expressed curiosity about his accounts. Nairobi News went to great lengths to gather information on the man who married Akothee.

According to an account on Afro Introductions, a popular dating website, Omosh was seeking to date a woman aged between 18-24 years old based in Mombasa at one point. On the website, he listed himself as “Ed,” a 34-year-old Christian who drinks alcohol but does not smoke. His details can also be traced to Bern, Switzerland, where he signed a lease for a rental property.

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