Sonko denies any relationship with Jacque Maribe

Mike Sonko, the former Governor of Nairobi, has denied being in a romantic relationship with Jacque Maribe, a former TV personality. Maribe had claimed in court that Sonko was with her on the night Monicah Kimani was killed. Sonko confirmed that he was with Maribe and a group of people that night, but denied being alone with her. He also criticized a Tweep, Karen Wanjiku, for alleging that he had a romantic relationship with Maribe and told her to mind her own business.

The online exchange between Sonko and Karen escalated quickly, with Karen attacking Sonko’s bedroom skills, and Sonko responding that he was not in the mood on the night Karen allegedly offered herself to him. Sonko then detailed the events of his night with Maribe, saying he was with her and a group of friends at Citizen TV when he was being interviewed on the JKL show on September 19th, 2018. He said he then took them for drinks and food at Club forty forty before leaving around 4 am.

Sonko said he does not know Jowie Irungu, who was Maribe’s fiance at the time, and does not support his actions if he did murder Monica Kimani. He stated that he would tell the truth if he were summoned to court and does not disown his friends in times of trouble.