Diana Marua: From a Poor Mpesa Lady to a youtube millionaire.

Singer Bahati and Vlogger Diana Marua are undoubtedly one of the most intriguing celebrity couples in Kenya. They frequently showcase their affection on social media and never shy away from engaging in controversial discussions.

During one of their recent outings, the pair generated a significant buzz on social media. This happened when Marua revealed an intimate detail about Bahati, specifically his prowess in the bedroom.

Diana Marua shared a video shortly after the funeral of her beloved grandmother. In the video, the cheerful YouTuber appeared to have coped with the loss of a close relative, whom she referred to as a “mother she had never met.”

The conversation that stirred the commotion began when Marua inquired about Bahati’s unusually jubilant demeanor. She asked him, “But, my love, can you be honest with me? Why are you so happy?” Before he could respond, she playfully interjected, confidently declaring that she was the source of his contagious happiness. “It’s all because of me!” she proudly asserted.

However, Bahati expressed his frustration, mentioning that he would have been even happier if Marua hadn’t withheld intimacy for five consecutive days. He lamented, saying, “Can you believe I’m this happy and I haven’t received any affection for how many days? Five!”

Marua wasn’t willing to let this go without a retort. She countered with an even more surprising revelation about Bahati’s bedroom prowess, mentioning that he was intimate with her even during her menstrual cycle. She humorously quipped, “Let me tell you the truth, look at this person. He even had his way with me when I was on my period yesterday.”

Marua shared this amusing video on her social media platform, accompanied by a caption in which she questioned whether other women faced similar situations in their relationships as she did with Bahati. She asked, “Hey, should I spill the beans before you go to sleep… Does it seem like Bahati is the only one who doesn’t mind the ‘Red Sea’ (menstrual cycle), or are there many of us out there? 😂😂😂😂”