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Muigai Wa Njoroge called out for exploiting and ‘eating’ musicians money in UDA Campaigns.

Popular Kikuyu gospel musician, Muigai Wa Njoroge has found himself in a tight spot after a fellow musician badly exposed him for allegedly exproiting them.

Ngaruiya Junior, who lables himself as the king of ‘Kigooco’ has come out revealing intricate details about Muigai saying that he (Muigai) when given money to pay Kenya Kwanza brigade of Musicians, he swallow three quarter of it and give peanuts to his fellow musicians.

On his Facebook page, Ngaruiya posted saying;

“Muigai, you are an established musician and you are supposed to be a mentor to many upcoming musicians, but instead, you are betraying and frustrating them.”

“You always come up with ways to disrupt progress by other musicians. You bad mouthed me and I was chased from UDA knowing too well that I am a died hard fan of the party.”


“My song’s Skiza tune to UDAs campaign, you used ways only known to you and now it’s no longer there. Your God is also my God and whatever you do to other, the same fate will fall on you.”

Muigai is yet to reply to the allegations.