Dem Wa Facebook: Hii Rosecoco Tight Nimeekea Khaligraph for 5 Years,I will Pay his dowry

While it may appear as clout chasing, Dem Wa Facebook, popularly known as Milly, seems to harbor deep affection for the renowned hip-hop artist Khaligraph Jones.

In an interview with Trudy Kitui, the comedian openly expressed her admiration for Khaligraph, revealing that she has been pursuing him for the past five years. Milly disclosed that she intentionally refrained from getting intimate during this time, ensuring that if Khaligraph were to accept her advances, the experience would be special.

Contrary to being perceived as mere clout chasing, Milly asserted her sincerity by stating her willingness to pay dowry for a potential marriage to Khaligraph. She even expressed readiness to be a second wife, emphasizing that her primary desire is for Khaligraph himself to be the one marrying her.

Highlighting Khaligraph’s attractive appearance, romantic nature, and well-built physique, Dem Wa Facebook remains undeterred in her pursuit. She remains optimistic that one day she will succeed in capturing the heart of Khaligraph Jones.