Pastor VICTOR KANYARI brags after receiving gifts worth over Ksh 400,000, days after joining Tiktok Live (VIDEO)

Controversial city preacher Victor Kanyari from Salvation Healing Ministries has stirred up quite a buzz after recently joining TikTok live. Within days of his debut, Kanyari proudly announced that he had received gifts totaling over Ksh 400,000 during his live sessions on the platform.

In one of his live streams, Kanyari exclaimed, “I have amassed over KSh 400,000 in gifts, all given to me freely.” He went on to express his intention to donate the entire sum to a children’s home, considering it as an offering.

Addressing his detractors, Kanyari defiantly stated that he had no plans of leaving TikTok anytime soon. He challenged them, asking, “Should I depart from TikTok, leaving behind the offerings? Do you wish for me to vacate so you can solely reap the financial benefits? I have no intention of leaving.”

Despite the controversy surrounding him, Kanyari emphasized that his presence on TikTok was driven by his passion for people and his desire to spread the gospel to those who are lost. “I am not motivated by money or gifts,” he asserted. “My purpose here is to reach out to those in need, whether they are suffering from illness, facing adversity, or lacking joy in their lives, especially those abroad.”

In essence, Kanyari portrayed himself as a messenger of goodwill on TikTok, claiming his mission was rooted in love and compassion rather than financial gain.