Hii Imeenda -Tanasha Donna spotted at Diamond’s mansion during her trip to Tanzania 

A video of Tanasha Donna at the famous Tanzanian Singer Diamond platnumz’s mansion has gone viral online, causing a stir. Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha Donna have a child together, but they ended their relationship mutually in 2021 due to several misunderstandings.

Since their breakup, Tanasha has been focused on raising her child Naseeb Junior and growing as a brand, not rushing into a new relationship. Although they have never shared photos together, there are rumors that they have met several times because of their child.

In the recent viral video, Tanasha was seen at Diamond Platnumz’s mansion in Tanzania, indicating that she took Baby Naseeb to see his father. The two are co-parenting well, although it may be difficult for them to reunite because Diamond is allegedly dating his signee Zuchu.

Furthermore, it is evident that the two were not a perfect match, as several things happened before their breakup. Despite this, they continue to prioritize their child’s well-being and maintain a cordial relationship.