'Ngoma za stevo simple Boy ni kama za mtoto wa primary' - KRG takes dig a simple Boy -

‘Ngoma za stevo simple Boy ni kama za mtoto wa primary’ – KRG takes dig a simple Boy

Artiste KRG the Don has expressed his opinion about Stevo Simple Boy’s music, describing it as ‘trashy’. Speaking to a local YouTuber, KRG stated that Stevo’s craft is comparable to songs sung by primary school pupils. He further stated that the only reason Kenyans claim Stevo is more talented than him is because of his ‘funny’ looks.

KRG also addressed the issue of Stevo starting a beef with him, warning whoever was advising him to stop misleading him. He claimed that if Stevo tried to engage in a beef with him, he would provide him with clout, but the clout would come with its negative effects such as depression, low self-esteem, and instability in his finances.

KRG also defended himself against fans who questioned his use of the term ‘scarecrow’ when referring to Stevo. He pointed out that he, too, has been called all sorts of names by different people because of his skin color, and therefore it should not be taken as an insult.

Earlier, KRG had called out Stevo for claiming he did not know who he was, warning him against comparing himself to him in any way. KRG claimed that they were not on the same level musically, and therefore Stevo should not attempt to compare himself to him. He went on to describe Stevo’s looks as too scary for him to even think of comparing himself to a ‘handsome’ man like him.

In conclusion, KRG the Don’s comments have sparked mixed reactions among Kenyan music fans, with some supporting his opinion while others criticize him for his harsh words towards Stevo Simple Boy.