“Ruth K Will Dump Mulamwah Soon,She Is Just Using Him For Fame” Andrew Kibe Says.

Social media content criticizer, Andrew Kibe, has raised concerns about the relationship between comedian Mulamwah and his ‘best friend’, Ruth K. The two recently went viral online after kissing each other and getting cosy during a Valentine’s Day photoshoot.

Kibe, who is known for addressing such issues, has a history of predicting negative outcomes for couples who expose their love life on social media. He claims that Ruth K is only using Mulamwah to gain fame and social media followers, and that once she achieves her target, she will dump him, just like his ex-girlfriend Carol Sonnie did.

According to Kibe, Mulamwah is broke and cannot afford to maintain Ruth K, who he believes is a complete package. He predicts that she will soon dump Mulamwah for a rich tycoon.

Kibe emphasizes that relationships that are exposed to the public rarely work out smoothly. He advises Mulamwah to be cautious and warns him that Ruth K won’t be his wife, but will instead dump him for a wealthy man.

Kibe concludes by urging lovers to keep their relationships as private as possible, and warns Kenyans to wait and see if his prediction comes true.