“Nothing Can Separate Me From My Children,” Nyako Changes Tune on Being Deported

Nyako has completely shifted her stance on the possibility of deportation from Germany, providing detailed reasons for her decision to stay in the country. Dismissing earlier speculations and emphasizing the unlikelihood of deportation happening, the TikTok sensation based in Germany has altered her initial position.

Contrary to her previous statements about potential deportation and disruptions to her utilities in a TikTok live session, Nyako has now contradicted herself. She adamantly denies any imminent deportation, stating that she is on the verge of acquiring German citizenship, a process facilitated by her children.

Addressing a local media article that suggested she was seeking assistance from Kenyans due to deportation fears, Nyako firmly rejected the deportation narrative.

“I just had another live stream where people were claiming I am facing deportation – in your dreams. I’m in Germany because of my children. My residence permit is based on my kids, and nothing can separate me from them.

“Before you jump to conclusions about deportation, let me make it clear – I am officially qualifying for German citizenship. It’s my right. Let that sink in,” confidently declared Nyako.

In a previous plea to Kenyans, where she sought assistance in adopting her three children, Nyako had asserted that she was on the brink of deportation with all the necessary documentation prepared.

“I’ve been cut off from electricity and need help. There were claims that I would be deported next weekend, so I thought I wouldn’t need electricity. My deportation papers are ready, and I don’t even have water.

“The deportation papers are prepared, and I don’t know who will adopt my children,” Nyako explained.

The transition of Nyako Pilot from Kenya to Germany has been surrounded by controversy, notably her acknowledgment of engaging in commercial sex work back in Kenya.

During an interview, she revealed that her TikTok alias, ‘Nyako,’ originated from her days as a sex worker, a nickname given to her by her colleagues.

Despite facing criticism for her past choices, Nyako embraces her history, emphasizing its significant role in shaping the person she is today.

Remaining unapologetic about her life journey, Nyako urges others to focus on her current actions rather than passing judgment solely based on her past.

In celebration of the new year, Nyako has decided to trim her hair, which was already quite short, expressing that the previous hairstyle has been surpassed by the passage of time.