Mike Sonko: How I Made Upto Ksh400,000 Per Day From Matatu Business -

Mike Sonko: How I Made Upto Ksh400,000 Per Day From Matatu Business

Mike Sonko, also known as Mike Mbuvi, is a well-known politician and businessman in Kenya. He is the former governor of Nairobi County and has a successful track record in the matatu business.

I started my matatu business in the late 90s when I was still in college. I was studying marketing and entrepreneurship, and I saw a great opportunity in the matatu industry. At the time, matatus were the primary mode of transportation in Nairobi, and I saw an opportunity to enter this market and make some money.


I started with just one matatu, and I worked hard to ensure that it was well-maintained and always on the road. I also focused on providing excellent customer service to attract and retain customers.

As my business grew, I started buying more matatus and expanding my fleet. I also started investing in advertising to increase brand awareness and attract new customers.

I was able to make up to Ksh400,000 per day from my matatu business by providing reliable transportation services and investing in marketing and advertising. I also made sure to keep my costs low by negotiating good deals with suppliers and maintaining my matatus well to minimize repair costs.

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My success in the matatu business has helped me to become a successful politician and a respected leader in the community. I am grateful for the opportunities that the matatu business has given me, and I am committed to using my position and influence to improve the lives of the people of Nairobi County.