Handsome Boy : Vera Sidika is My Real Mother, “Ameniacha Natesekea huku kwa slums”

The self proclaimed’ Vera Sidika’s son ‘ from Kibera known as Handsome Boy, has said that he is ready for DNA test, to prove Vera is his real mother.

Who is Handsome Boy?

Handsome Boy
Handsome Boy “Vera Sidika’s self proclaimed son” /Photo Courtesy

He is a comedian who once appeared on Churchill show sometimes back. He also used to be a best friend of Stivo Simple Boy back then. He is married and he is a family man. Currently he is staying in the slums of Kibera.

Why is Handsome Boy claiming that Vera Sidika is his real Mother.

Speaking in an interview with Trudy Kitui Handsome Boy comes from Busia , which is the neighbour county of the Matrimonial home of Vera. He said that he feels that he is from Vera Sidika’s lineage and there blood is from the same ancestry. He said that he is very sure Vera Sidika is his mother. It. is something he has been saying for a long time.

Handsome Boy said that he is ready for DNA because he has full evidence that Vera is his mother.

“Damu yangu na ya vera sidika zinavutana. Vera Sidika Shikwekwe anatoka Bungoma. Niko na hakika ni mama yangu na niko ready for DNA. Ameniacha tu natesekea huku kwa slums” He said.

Struggling With Life.

Handsome boy is living in a very pathetic house in Kibera Slums. The rent of the house is ksh. 1500 per month. It clearly shows how tough and pathetic the place looks like. He claimed that Vera has abandoned him and she has never shown any concerns about him. Vera Sidika’s alleged son, begged Vera Sidika to come for his rescue and atleast change his life.

His Relationship with Stivo Simple Boy

Handsome Boy said that Stivo Simple Boy cutted him off, they don’t talk, Stivo has never shown any interest of helping him.