Safaricom CEO Speaks of Being Unwanted Since Ruto Became President -

Safaricom CEO Speaks of Being Unwanted Since Ruto Became President

The CEO of Safaricom, Peter Ndegwa, has spoken out about rumors surrounding his future at the telecommunications giant. Since President William Ruto took office last year, speculation has been circulating on social media about Ndegwa’s job security. Some commentators have even suggested that a plan is in place to oust him.

However, Ndegwa has recently addressed these rumors in an interview with Citizen TV. He stated that the decisions about his role are ultimately up to the board and that he is not in a position to respond to speculation. He emphasized that he has had a successful three years at Safaricom and that he plans to continue leading the company into the future.

It should be noted that there has been a change in leadership on the Safaricom board, with veteran lawyer Adil Khawaja being elected as the new chairman in January, replacing John Ngumi who served for only six months.

Ndegwa emphasized that he will not let distractions affect his vision for the company and that he is focused on ensuring that Safaricom continues to transform lives and play its role in Kenya. As the most profitable business in Kenya, the government closely monitors the running of Safaricom and has significant influence over who is at the helm.