”Angejenga Nairobi’ Oga Obinna Criticizes Mulamwah for Building a Mansion in the Rural Area -

”Angejenga Nairobi’ Oga Obinna Criticizes Mulamwah for Building a Mansion in the Rural Area

Comedian Oga Obinna has voiced his strong critique of fellow comedian Mulamwah for investing a substantial sum of money into constructing an opulent mansion in their hometown, all while residing in a rented one-bedroom apartment in Nairobi.

In an interview with SPM Buzz, Obinna expressed his belief that channeling resources into building a rural dwelling while predominantly living in an urban setting is a misguided and unfavorable financial decision.

Reflecting on his own experience, Obinna revealed that he had been among the pioneering comedians to erect a house in his hometown. However, he now recognizes that this decision might not have been the wisest in hindsight.

“My house was built quite some time ago; I believe I was among the trailblazers in the comedian community to do so. I constructed homes for my parents and myself. Nevertheless, building in the village can often lead to less-than-favorable outcomes. You invest substantial amounts, often exceeding ten million, into a home that you scarcely occupy,” Obinna elaborated.

He further illustrated, “For instance, I hardly find myself spending nights in my own dwelling. On trips to Kisumu, I opt for lodging in hotels, only briefly visiting my house to ensure the premises are well-maintained. During my rare stays at home, I spend about two nights there, as the majority of my time is centered in Nairobi.”

Despite his reservations, the comedian clarified that he isn’t discouraging individuals from constructing homes. Instead, he suggests that if one does decide to build, it’s advisable not to pour excessive funds into a location that isn’t frequented often.

“I want to emphasize that I’m not advocating against construction endeavors; by all means, proceed with building. However, I do advocate for a balanced investment. Unless you have ample resources, it’s prudent to situate your investment closer to your primary place of residence,” he advised.

Obinna disclosed his aspiration to procure a residence in Nairobi with a budget of 30 million Kenyan shillings. Nonetheless, he also mentioned the possibility of considering a pricier dwelling worth 60 million shillings if substantial funds become available.

Recently, Mulamwah showcased to his followers the lavish mansion he’s been erecting in his native Kitale. He revealed that he has allocated more than 10 million shillings to the project, with construction progress reaching around 70%.

Mulamwah also treated his fans to a glimpse of the final appearance of the mansion upon completion.