Khaligraph Jones Reveals He Will Quit Hiphop and Start  Singing Gospel Music.

Renowned Kenyan and African rapper, Khaligraph Jones, has recently hinted at a potential departure from the hip-hop scene to venture into gospel music. Khaligraph, widely regarded as a rap luminary in Kenya, disclosed that he’s contemplating this significant shift.

During an interview with Plug Tv, Khaligraph, also known as OG, revealed that his musical journey commenced in 2008, where he initially started as a gospel artist. Despite his evolution into the rap domain, those acquainted with his early career recognize his roots in gospel music.

Expressing his thoughts on the transition, Khaligraph emphasized that time will ultimately unveil his path. He asserted his conviction that before concluding his musical endeavors, he will embrace gospel music wholeheartedly. For Khaligraph, this transition will unfold naturally, guided by divine influence.

Notably, Khaligraph Jones has already delved into the realm of gospel music with tracks like “Sifu Bwana,” featuring Nyashinski, underscoring his versatility as an artist and his reverence for spirituality.

Beyond his potential shift to gospel, Khaligraph has notably influenced the hip-hop landscape in Kenya, challenging stereotypes and perceptions associated with the genre. His music embodies a broader appeal, transcending age barriers and reshaping the narrative around rap as a non-violent and accessible art form.