Mpango Wa Kando Tells Wife,’Kojoa Ulale’ After Leave My Husband Alone Text

Mpango Wa Kando Tells Wife,’Kojoa Ulale’ After Leave My Husband Alone Text

They say marriage is hard. Furthermore, being single is hard. So pick your hard and move on.

Many have picked marriage as their hard. However, nothing at any point sets one up for marriage life, no magazine or lessons from the pastors can make you very much monitored for the vulnerabilities that are practically unavoidable

Here is the account of Rosemary Wanyiri who following seven years of marriage, her better half walked in with another lady and said, ‘hello, meet your co-wife,’

She met her now-ex at the Kenyatta University while they were both ‘Freshers,’ in 2010. After campus, they had a kid thus it was normal to settle down together.

In 2017 April, two children later, he called one evening and asked her what is for dinner.

“I told him he can come with stew and that I will make ugali. He told me he is coming with a guest and because I love guests, I was excited,’

Much to her dismay that her husband would appear with one of their workers. Wanyiri says she even cooked and served the woman thinking she was only a worker, much to her dismay that woman, whom she depicts as dark and thin, was her – co-spouse.

Wanyiri says when she confronted the young lady, her better half hurried to the woman’s defense.

“Talk to me, not her, I am the one who wants her,” the hubby reportedly said.

The lady left and Wanyri texted her.

“For the sake of my children please leave my husband alone…”

The lady responded with a,

“Hahahaa, insecurities galore, Kojoa ulale,”