Daddy Owen: I Wish I Got Married Before I Became Famous

Daddy Owen, an award-winning gospel musician, expressed his regret about getting married late and shared that his failed marriage taught him valuable lessons. In a conversation with Shaffie Weru, he stated that if given a chance, he would have settled down before attaining fame.

He believed that marrying before achieving celebrity status would have allowed him to mature alongside his career. Conversely, getting married at the peak of his career was not a wise decision.

Daddy Owen acknowledged that getting married during the height of one’s career presents unique challenges. However, he now finds himself in a better mental space.

When asked why he hasn’t remarried, Daddy Owen explained that he’s not in a rush. He claimed that he’s been focusing on personal growth and that he’s single by choice.

Daddy Owen considered himself an elite man in the country and stated that finding love is not an issue. He continued by saying that he receives numerous offers from women, including older women, who sometimes send him explicit pictures on Instagram. Nonetheless, he believes that sex is often idolized and that he is aware of his purpose.