Gospel Singer Christina Shusho Reveals Why She Left Her Husband for Singleness

Tanzanian gospel songstress Christina Shusho recently shared insights into her decision to depart from her marital home, citing a profound need to concentrate on her divine calling and pursue a higher purpose.

During an interview with New Jerusalem Church TV, Shusho opened up about her journey and the rationale behind her departure from her household.

She underscored her commitment to genuineness and sincerity, revealing that her choice was inspired by a divine revelation she received, which she believed was a calling she had to wholeheartedly pursue.

“In all sincerity, I urge those who follow and believe in me to understand that this is who I am. I’ve always been genuine, and I do not fabricate. The truth is, this is merely a calling. There’s nothing more to it than that. The calling God has placed on me during this season necessitated my departure from where I was. I had to leave in order to fulfill this calling,” she articulated.

Despite the gravity of her decision to leave her home, Shusho emphasized that the process was handled amicably. She approached her husband respectfully and sought his support in granting her the freedom to embark on her journey.

“I asked him to allow me to bear my own burden as I usually do. Let me carry my responsibilities, while you continue with yours. There was no conflict whatsoever,” she affirmed, highlighting the mutual understanding they shared.

Responding to inquiries about the apparent similarity in their callings, Shusho clarified that despite being united in marriage, their callings were distinct.

She stressed the significance of respecting each other’s individual paths and reaching agreements based on mutual understanding.

Furthermore, Shusho expressed discomfort with being labeled as a pastor, stating her preference to distance herself from such titles. Despite her involvement in pastoral work, she emphasized her focus on achieving her aspirations beyond conventional labels.

“I’m not about being called Pastor Christina Shusho. If someone refers to me as a pastor, I’m not comfortable with that. Because it doesn’t change anything. What I want to see is what I’ve aimed to achieve. That’s it. It’s not about being a pastor,” she elucidated.