Pastor Kanyari passes up offer from Chokuu to follow him on IG

Pastor Kanyari finds himself in intriguing conversations on TikTok Live as he interacts with members of his Christian community.

In his latest encounter, he chats with Kenyan model Chokuu, leading to an extensive dialogue that concludes with Kanyari retracting his offer to connect on social media.

“Are you male or female?” Kanyari inquires, puzzled. “You look entirely feminine, brother, what’s the deal?”

Chokuu responds with a question, “What’s your take on that, Pastor?”

“I sense a blend,” Kanyari remarks, bewildered. “You seem to be both male and female; I’m at a loss. Oh my Lord, whom have I encountered today? I might leave TikTok; my God, this is overwhelming. I was cautioned against joining, and now I understand why,” he exclaims.

Chokuu attempts to clarify his identity as ‘chapati pindua,’ a term Kanyari fails to grasp.

“Chokuu, don’t you fear God?” Kanyari questions in disbelief.

Chokuu encourages him to give it a try, but Kanyari firmly declines, stating, “I refuse to experiment with that. Shall I pour out my soul freely? Jesus, Chokuu, I feel compelled to pray for you. I’ve seen your photos; Jesus, who are you? Oh God, you’re exceptionally beautiful, by the way. Why haven’t you embraced salvation?”

Expressing a desire for salvation, Chokuu informs Kanyari about his dating life, leaving the preacher taken aback.

“Can you truly handle my life, Pastor?” Kanyari questions, to which he responds, “Forget it.”