Stivo Simple Boy Refuses Director Trevor’s Help Days After Relocating to Kibra, Reveals Reasons

Singer Stivo Simple Boy has recently undergone a significant transition in his professional life, notably parting ways with his former manager, Chingi Boy. This change, however, has not left him without guidance, as his brother has stepped up to manage his music career.

The public revelation of the discord between Stivo Simple Boy and Chingi occurred when Chingi posted a cryptic message, suggesting that Stivo’s wife was causing disruptions despite his efforts to assist him. Additionally, it was revealed that Stivo had relocated back to Kibera following an eviction from his residence in Buru Buru, allegedly orchestrated by his brother. Chingi claimed that Stivo’s brother took over the house, ceased rent payments, and instructed the caretaker to evict him.

YouTuber Director Trevor, who had previously extended a helping hand to Stivo, found himself unable to provide assistance due to Stivo’s brother assuming managerial responsibilities. Despite Trevor’s efforts to establish contact with Stivo after his move to Kibera, he encountered difficulties, ultimately leading to a standstill in their collaborative efforts. Trevor clarified that his intention was never to manage Stivo but rather to support him in content creation. However, the lack of communication following Stivo’s relocation made it impossible to continue their collaboration.

In response to these developments, Stivo’s brother affirmed his commitment to managing the singer’s career henceforth. He reassured fans that upcoming projects are in the pipeline and emphasized their capability to navigate the industry independently. Furthermore, he hinted at concerns regarding individuals exploiting Stivo for personal gain, underscoring his dedication to safeguarding his brother’s interests and maintaining autonomy in their professional endeavors.