” From a Beggar to A Millionaire in Canada, I Pay My Mum On Weekly Basis” Vincent Mboya.

Renowned and often contentious Kenyan YouTuber, Vincent Mboya, recently made headlines by publicly announcing his millionaire status, having amassed over Ksh. 1 million in his bank account.

In an exclusive interview with 2mbili TV, Mboya expressed profound gratitude for achieving millionaire status at such a young age, barely in his early 20s, attributing his financial success to his content creation endeavors.

With a staggering 150K followers on his YouTube channel, Mboya’s ascent to success was fraught with challenges. He began his journey from humble beginnings, even resorting to begging for rent money in early 2022. However, a timely intervention from Jalang’o rescued him from his predicament.

Yet, Mboya’s decision to exploit Jalang’o’s name for publicity stirred controversy and garnered him considerable backlash, with numerous celebrities targeting him with online vitriol. Krg and Butita’s disparaging remarks during a live broadcast plunged him into a bout of depression, casting doubt on his future prospects.

Undeterred, Mboya returned to the drawing board, leveraging his modest following to kickstart his YouTube channel. Encouraged by the overwhelming support from Kenyans, his subscriber base steadily grew.

Within a year on the platform, Vincent Mboya achieved millionaire status, thanks to the substantial traffic his videos generated, translating into lucrative monthly earnings from YouTube.

Notably, Mboya has transformed his mother’s life, providing her with a comfortable lifestyle through regular financial support. His imminent purchase of a car and plans for further investment underscore the profound impact YouTube has had on his life, elevating him from destitution to affluence.