Eric Omondi : Bangi Ndio Imefanya Huyu shosh Anaitwa Kamene Goro Achanganyikiwe Na Maisha

Kenya’s comedic scene has recently witnessed a heated exchange between Eric Omondi and Kamene Goro, two prominent figures with differing views on the country’s music industry. The dispute originated when Kamene Goro challenged Eric Omondi to shift his focus from criticizing Kenyan artists to contributing positively to the music scene. She urged him to channel his efforts into fostering ideas that support musicians rather than engaging in online trolling.

In response, Eric Omondi did not take Kamene’s criticism lightly and decided to counterattack. During an interview with Vincent Mboya, Eric made allegations about Kamene Goro’s marijuana use, suggesting that it has negatively impacted her cognitive abilities. According to Eric, Kamene is unaware that he is actively advocating for a bill in parliament that calls for a 70% quota for playing Kenyan songs. He implored Kamene to abstain from cannabis use and encouraged her to conduct thorough research before making unfounded statements.

Additionally, Eric Omondi accused Kamene of exploiting him for publicity, claiming that she strategically mentions his name in various contexts to gain widespread attention. He argued that this is a calculated move on her part to leverage his popularity for personal gain. The ongoing online feud between these two personalities has added fuel to the debate surrounding the state of Kenya’s music industry.