Karangu Muraya Responds After Being Accused Of Stealing Money -

Karangu Muraya Responds After Being Accused Of Stealing Money

Karangu Wa Muraya has recently come under scrutiny amidst accusations of mishandling funds originally intended to support the late Esther Wanjiku, also known as Githithi’s family. Esther, a renowned Kikuyu gospel artist, tragically passed away in the early part of last year. Following her untimely demise, her family found themselves grappling with financial hardships, which compelled them to turn to the kindness of well-wishers for assistance.

In response to the family’s dire situation, Karangu initiated a fundraising effort through his Facebook page with the noble intention of building a home for them. However, as it became increasingly apparent that Esther’s mother and her grandchildren were still living in substandard conditions, suspicions began to circulate, accusing Karangu of misappropriating the donated funds that were meant to alleviate their plight.

Karangu has since addressed these allegations with unwavering determination to proclaim his innocence. He clarified that he did not divert the funds for personal gain but encountered significant obstacles due to the family’s land tenure status. Consequently, he made the pragmatic decision to construct a modest Mabati house for them instead of a more permanent structure.

Furthermore, Karangu shed light on the intricate dynamics within Esther’s family, underscoring that internal conflicts and disputes among family members have been significant contributors to their ongoing economic challenges. Despite earnestly directing the contributions towards their well-being, these familial divisions have consistently hindered the family’s ability to break free from the grip of poverty.