Jose Gatutura Reveals, Quitting music and becoming a Pastor
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Jose Gatutura Reveals, Quitting music and becoming a Pastor

Top Mugithi Artist, Jose Gatutura left his fans talking after he revealed what he is aspiring to do in his life, in spite of the fact that he one of the best artists in what he does.

Giving an explanation to one of the interviews that he did while in the United Kingdom, Jose talks of how he began singing at a very young age, and his talent has bloomed ever since creating hits after hits.

When asked whether he performs in places of worship, Jose affirmed that he is a regular attendant to houses of worship but doesn’t play out his tunes in places of worship due to the nature of his melodies. He likewise confirmed that he is yet to be born again as a Christian however he has a solid belief in Jesus Christ and his teachings.

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He also attested that one day, he will be saved, and surprisingly become a pastor, where he will be teaching the word of God to people. To support this, he revealed that he has a profound knowledge on the Bible and it’s lessons.