Alikupea Kakitu!
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Fans React To Khaligraph For Stopping ‘Unlock The Country’ Campaign After Visiting The Deputy President ‘Alikupea Kakitu!’

Artists had joined hands in asking President Uhuru Kenyatta to open the country since most Kenyans have been enduring throughout the pandemic. Despite the fact that the President chose to stay silent about it, the deputy President Dr. william Ruto chose to call the musicians and converse with them on the issue.

Rapper Khaligraph Jones was among individuals who helped immensely to air up netizen’s grievances to Uhuru. Unlike many other celebrities, Khaligraph got a response from the DP who wrote back to him. A couple of days after , the DP had a gathering with a couple of artists.

Afterwards, all of them went silent on the issue. This raised concern among their fans; who thought a solution would emerge after the talk.

Money For Silence?

Khaligraph is now on the receiving end as some of his fans claim he was given a ‘handout’

Additionally, FBI’s Ezra also complained about artists stopping the campaign after meeting the Deputy President. He wrote;

”…Kwani campaign ya unlock our country iliisha after wasanii wamenda kwa DP? Was the campaign a personal agenda? Ama the country has already been opened up for the chosen few?”

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